Picture of Avery made using MS Paint.

Avery is the main character of Tip of the Aveburg. He loves Video Games and Cartoons, but his favorite thing is to hang out with his friends.


Avery loves Video Games, specifically Nintendo games, like Super Smash Brothers, or Earthbound. Most of his favorite games are old-school.

Cartoons are "amazing pieces of life" according to Avery. Some of his favorites are Ed, Edd n Eddy and Adventure Time. He prefers Cartoon Network over Nickelodeon.

Mountain Dew is his favorite drink, and it is what he drinks most of the time(besides milk).

Being with his friends, Andrew and Jesse, is his favorite thing of all, from wacky shenanigans to just playing video games, He's been with his friends since they were 12 years old. Sometimes they like to talk to their neighbor, Combover Neighbor.


Avery sometimes misspells the word "piece".

Avery is 19 years old.

He lives in Canada, in the Province of Somewhere and in the City of Someplace on 77 Any Street.