A picture of Jesse drawn using MS Paint.

Jesse is one of the main characters and has a fondness for knowledge and Choco-Sugar-Peanut Bars.


When it comes to learning, Jesse is the man. He wants to know as much as he can, so if there's an emergency, he'll know exactly what to do. But when his creations cause big problems, he doesn't know what to expect!

His favorite food is Choco-Sugar-Peanut Bars, and eats them regularly. He does have a secret stash hidden in The House. Jesse often refers to them as "Choco Peanie Bars".

Being with his friends is something he loves to do. Normally, he gets Avery to test out his inventions. But sometimes Andrew helps too. To this day, he still remembers one time when they were kids when they got ice cream and talked about their future.


Jesse is 20.